Yavis Club

I honestly don’t remember why my friend and I decided to go to Yavis Club, perhaps I saw something on urbanspoon?


Well one day we were in Richmond and we were getting bored of just walking around Aberdeen centre and we wanted to explore the area outside. I suggested going to Yavis club because I heard of it somewhere. It was a 10 minute walk to a plaza near yaohan centre and it was pretty easy to find.

Rainbow After The Dark Glacier Cheesecake

This consists of layers of different fruity frozen cheese cake. We tried to eat one layer at a time to figure out what flavor each layer was, but none had a distinctive flavour, most of them tasted really similar. We assumed from the colours that the pink was strawberry, green was green apple, purple was grape and top is original, but of course we are not sure. All the layers just had some type of fruity taste to it which is not bad, I actually enjoyed it.

Original & Coffee Double Layer Glacier Cheesecake

like the name of the cheesecake says, the top part is plain original frozen cheesecake and the bottom is coffee. I really liked the coffee part and I wish we got the full coffee glacier cheesecake instead (if they had one, I don’t actually remember) The top original part is nothing special, just a good old tasting cheesecake that is frozen.

Black Sesame and Green Tea Glacier Cheesecake

The green tea glacier cake is my favorite out of the 4, however that could just be because I love green tea flavored things XD it tasted like really really frozen green tea ice cream, but of course creamier and had a new york styled cheesecake flavour.
The black sesame glacier cake taste pretty much like black sesame ice cream, but it did not have much cheesecake flavor to it. Perhaps it was because the black sesame flavour was a bit too strong.

We also tried the Baked Mango Sago Pudding which I forgot to take a picture of. It was delicious and nice and warm, I really recommend it if you come here and don’t feel like cheesecake.


Overall Rating: 7/10
It’s a pretty nice place, with a interesting owner. I would come back again for desserts, however the cheesecake slice is a bit small considering the price. I recommend the glacier cheesecake over the other types just because it is unique.

Extra Notes:

  • The glaciers cheesecakes are extremely hard, like super frozen solid hard and it was pretty hard to eat, even with a metal fork
  • my friend really enjoyed the glacier cheesecake though because she hates melted ice cream and it seems like these cheesecake don’t melt for a long time
  • they apparently have a policy where every person has to buy at least one thing, so you can’t just share one item
  • they have alot of drinks and other desserts too!
  • they don’t only have glacier cakes, they also have the normal new york style and mousse kinds.
  • there is a really cute story about the store and cheesecake at the front of the menu

Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe on Urbanspoon


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