What8ver Cafe

I’ve seen this a lot around Instagram and it looked really pretty so I decided to go to what8ver cafe with my friend~
What8ver cafe is located in Richmond, its about a 5 minute walk from Aberdeen centre.
Strawberry Macaron Toast Box: $11.50?

they give you maple syrup at the side if you want to add some, but I thought it was unnecessary as the toast box was already sweet.
The top of the toastbox: strawberry macaron,strawberries, type of custard cream,strawberry syrup,strawberry ice cream and two chocolate roll things (I have no idea what they are called)


the inside of the toast box: 9 slices of sugar coated pieces of toast. I guess it was alright, I wish they made the pieces of toast smaller though like 0755, it would make it more crunchy instead of soggy.
Green Tea Cream Float: $4.25
This was really good! It kind of looks like beer for some reason.
The bottom consist of green tea, while the top was a type of sweet cream? it sort of tasted like melted vanilla ice cream or melted whipped cream. Apparently you are suppose to drink it without a straw, but I prefer it with the straw to mix the two together.


overall rating: 7.5/10
its not the best, but its not bad either. I would go back though, especially for the cream float!
Extra notes:
  •  I actually don’t like strawberry flavored foods, I just got this one because it was pretty. Maybe the chocolate banana one would have taste better
  • I actually prefer the toast box at 0755 (which is also located around 5 minutes from Aberdeen centre) even though it is a little bit pricier.

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