Patisserie Für Elise

Patisserie Für Elise was on my wishlist for a while and I finally got to go with my fellow blogger friend and another friend for my birthday! It is about an 10-15 minute walk from granvile skytrain station. The afternoon tea here is $30 per person.

The outside is so cute! It’s a cute blue heritage house.
this is what you see when you walk in, a pretty stair case and this is what the door you go through looks like. You have to walk up the stairs to get to the afternoon tea area.
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this is what the first floor looks likes. The first floor has an area where you could buy cakes,teas,and macarons. I really wanted to buy a cake but I couldn’t as I was going somewhere after and didnt want to ruin it 😦

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This is what the second floor looks like. Its absolutely gorgeous! the walls, the chairs, the curtains, everything!
When we sat down, a beautiful menu was given to us so we could order our tea. My friends got the magic desert and the lychee garden. I loved the lychee garden but the magic desert was odd tasting. It tasted like a lemon pez candy.
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I got the Creme brulee tea. It’s not as good as I thought it would be, It smells better then it taste, it just tasted like normal tea to me. My other two friends told me it tasted like candle wax though…   however I actually enjoyed it. We were given some sort tea strainer so the tea leaves wouldn’t fall into our tea which was nice.
We were also given cream, sugar and I also asked for honey. I’m happy I asked for honey as the sugar was rock sugar and was really hard to dissolve into the tea especially since the tea got cold after a while.
They served us the Chef’s choice starter to start. I believe it was a blueberry panna cotta. This was the best panna cotta I have ever had before. It was just so creamy and smooth, I had to go downstairs and buy a jar of it to take home after.
Mixed greens with candied walnut was served right after. It wasn’t bad but it just tasted like a normal grocery store salad and it was hard to get the walnuts out of the bottom.
The rest of the food! Its soo cute!
It’s has two tiers instead of the usually three tier.
Savory Tier:
Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil sandwich
Avocado & egg sandwich
Salt & pepper shrimp with sakura glaze
Scone with almond streusel served with jam
The scone didn’t taste that great and I didn’t finish it, I gave it to my friend who really loved it. It could be because I really disliked the jam they gave us and they had no cream for it 😦
The  croissant sandwich with the prosciutto was a little bit oily, I think the croissant were brought from a supermarket, but I still liked it anyways, and my two friends also enjoyed it.
The other two savories were really good and I have no complaints about them except for that fact that they were extremely small.

Sweet Tier:
Mini Für Elise
Honey madeleine
Mousse Caramélia
Lemon tart
I wasnt a fan of the madeleine, I found it to be a bit too dry . My favorites were the lemon tart and the mousse! They were both really good and not too sweet. The macarons were interesting, the cantaloupe one really tasted like cantaloupe, but maybe the flavour was a bit too strong. The lavender macaron tasted like it had a tea flavor to it and I have no idea what the other macaron flavor was, perhaps it was grape? The fur Elise, which I thought was going to be my favorite was really nothing special, but it wasn’t bad either.

Overall Rating: 9/10 
* extra points for the experience and for being pretty
I actually enjoyed most of the food even though I heard a lot of people didn’t, and I would totally come back again just because it’s the cutest place ever!
Extra Notes:
  • I thought the portions were small, however It surprisingly filled everyone up!
  • check out the washroom too! it’s also really pretty~
  • the workers are wearing really cute outfits to fit the theme~
  • service is a bit slow, but the servers do look like they are trying their best.
  • You can make reservations online on open table!

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