Cafe Joie

I went to Cafe Joie with my friend after hearing that they had macarons and snow ice! This cafe is located across Metrotown, perhaps a 5 minute walk. Walking in, I noticed that the style is similar to the ones in Korea.

 Nutella Latte20140830155633978

I really enjoyed this, It wasn’t a really strong nutella flavor but a really subtle one. It was surprisingly not too sweet either.

 Macarons and Cheesecake
20140830211710479 (1)

The macaron flavours I tried were earl grey,coffee,green tea, and chocolate. They macarons were double the size of other macarons at other cafes and I thought all were extremely good and had strong flavors that resemble what they were suppose to taste like. However for some, the macarons might be too sweet for their liking.
The cheesecake was a Japanese cheese cake styled. It was more of a sponge cake then actual cheesecake. I enjoyed this except for the bottom of it.

Green Tea Ice Cream Waffle

The waffle consist of strawberries, blueberries, shaved almonds, green tea ice cream, green tea syrup, random macaron.
The waffle was not crispy, it tasted more like a pancake then a waffle. It would be nice if there was a little bit more ice cream, near the end of eating the waffle we ran out of ice cream and had to eat the waffle plain. We had no idea what the macaron flavour was. We assumed that it was grape because of the colour however it had no distinctive flavour to it.

 Original Snow Ice20140828143825252

On the snow ice there was cheerios, mochi,strawberries, and sweet red beans. My friend and I both really enjoyed this. the red bean and milk flavoured ice makes a really good combination and isn’t too sweet, I really recommend this.

 Fruit Snow Ice20140830205912969 (1)

On this snow ice there was cheerios,strawberries,kiwis,blueberries,and mango. I also liked this, however I prefer the original snow ice compared to this one. I just felt like the fruit shaved ice lacked in flavor, it really was just fruits on snow ice. Perhaps if there was some type of fruit syrup or something else on it, it could have tasted better.

Chicken Pesto Panini

We pretty much just got this panini because we ate way too many sweets that day. It was good but nothing special, it’s good if you come here and don’t like sweets because its pretty much the only savory food there is at this cafe. The panini came with a mini salad and a few plain tortilla chips which was kind of random, but good.


The coffee bun was disappointing, not very great. It seemed like it was old and oily 😦


Overall Rating: 7/10
I like this cafe, and would visit it quite a few times since it is across from Metrotown. I recommend the macarons and the original snow ice.

Extra Notes:
It’s usually only two people working and they are pretty slow. Takes about 15 minutes for each item to come out, except for coffee.
don’t come here when you are in a rush
it’s really small but cozy

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