0755 Restaurant & Lounge

My friend and I decided to go to 0755 after passing by the restaurant a few times and after we saw some pictures from Instagram. We got way too much food for two people to eat…but we ended up eating most of it anyways.
Dan Dan Noodles: 6.80

This is some type of noodle dish, I have no Idea what it was since my friend ordered it. I’ll call it three spices noodle soup. I usually wouldn’t order noodles as I prefer rice however this was pretty good. The noodles were flat white noodles and the soup had a lot of flavour to it. It was also pretty cheap for the size, and when you compare the price to the other dishes.
Tri Pepper Pork Intestines: 16.80
This dish was average, but good. The dish consist of pig intestines,green bell peppers and black fungus. It was a little bit spicy which was good, however there were hidden peppers in it and I accidentally bit into it and it was soo spicy I had to shove my mouth with coconut pudding :C 
Coconut Pudding: 12.80
The way they presented the coconut pudding was so pretty~ they put a sparkler on it, how cute~
I loved this pudding however it’s really over priced for the size. I believe the pudding is made from the actual coconut perhaps? except for the top white part which was coconut milk. The bottom part is a clear like jelly. I wish they gave us better spoons so we could scrap out the coconut meat though, it looked really yummy 😦
Ice Cream Toast Box: 14.80

The top of the toastbox: frozen fruits, green tea and vanilla ice cream,strawberry syrup,strawberry pocky.
I really liked the syrup, it tasted like it was made from real strawberries, and the frozen fruits were actually really good, especially the frozen grape.
Inside the toast box: sugar coated pieces of toast.
I really love how small the pieces of toast were, it was easier to eat and it was more toasted compared to the toast box at what8ver cafe. There was also alot more ice cream.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
I would come back again, it’s a pretty nice and interesting place. I recommend their toast box over what8ver cafe’s toast box, however it is a few dollars more expensive.
Extra Notes:
  • The food is way overpriced XD
  • The servers barely speak English
  • The service is pretty slow
  • If you go I recommend you to bring a Mandarin speaking friend

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