My friend and I went to Meloty after being intrigued by the fact that they have all you can eat afternoon tea. We made reservations for 1:00 on a Saturday. The deluxe high tea (all you can eat) is $29 per person for a two hour seating. When we walked in there was only 1 other table occupied.

I ordered the peach green tea while my friend ordered the blood orange tea. We were going to order the passion fruit tea but apparently they were out of it. Both tea were not that great, and were a little bit watery. I don’t think the peach green tea really tasted like peach.  The blood orange tea tasted more like chrysanthemum tea than blood orange. The tea was served with some type of sweet syrup and cream. The syrup helped bring out the flavor of the tea. Out of the two types of tea, I preferred the blood orange, however my friend preferred the peach.
Meloty afternoon tea
The first thing they served were savory items on three tier. The picture makes it look really big but its actually really small. The bottom consist of raisin scones and a ham roll croissant?? (no clue) The scone was not that good, kind of oily but edible and covered in sugar. The only thing that was given to eat with the scone was butter which was really hard to spread so I didn’t even use much. The ham thing was disgusting, it was really hard to swallow, I’m really not picky with food, but I hated this. It was like drinking oil, The bread tasted like oily cheese even though there was no cheese in it…
The Top Tier: Tuna Sandwich, Cheese Quiche, and Salad.
The tuna sandwich was good, but nothing special, I could make it at home for 5 cents. It really was just a mini bun, dill cream cheese,a slice of cucumber,tuna and half a grape tomato. The cheese quiche is also good but my friend told me they sell the same ones at costco. The salad was also some type of grocery store stuff, but not bad, i believe it had some type of balsamic vinegar on it. I just ate alot of the salad to get the oily feeling from the third tier out of my mouth.
Middle Tier: Ham and Apple Sandwich
I hate apples but I have to admit, this was actually pretty good. it was probably the best out of the savories. I believe it consisted of a thin slice of green apple and cucumber,ham, and tomato.The bread is really cute, it was shaped into a heart. 
after the savory tiers they asked us if we wanted more savories or if we wanted to move on to the sweets. We were already full so we decided to move on to the sweets. The sweets are brought out on trays and you are asked what you want from them.
Passion Fruit Tart and Tiramisu

The passion fruit tart was good, however I didn’t eat much of it so I don’t remember what it taste like exactly. The tiramisu was not that great, tasted like the one from TNT.

Mango Cheesecake
This was actually pretty good, lots of flavour and really creamy but really filling so I also didn’t eat much of this.
The other sweets from left to right:
Passion fruit panna cotta
Strawberry mousse
Matcha mousse 
Blueberry panna cotta
Caramel? pudding
Creme brulee
The panna cottas were good, I liked them. My friend didnt really like them though. Perhaps because it wasn’t as smooth as it was suppose to be? The one at patisserie fur elise was much better though. The matcha mousse was disappointing. Matcha flavored sweets are my favorite so I thought I would love this however, it was really bitter 😦
The other sweets were alright nothing fantastic, but nothing bad.



Overall Rating: 6.5/10
it wasn’t bad however I wouldn’t come here again, its just not worth it. It was a nice one time experience though!
Extra Notes:
  • The sweets come on around different trays so don’t over order, wait till the end and if you want, you can back track and order more at the end, including savories.
  • apparently there is a $2 fine for any unfinished item.
  • the restaurant is really pretty and so are the utensils.

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